Seaside Resorts Golden Sands

Golden Sands Resort / Zlatni Pyasatsi /

The most attractive and preferable vacation land along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, situated in Golden Sands National Park, at about 18 km to the north-east of Varna. The resort successfully combines calm and quiet sea with century-old forest, lush vegetation and wooded slopes. In addition the marvellous beaches with fine golden sand and numerous mineral springs turn this place into one of the pearls of Bulgarian Black sea coast.

The length of the beach is over 3,5 km and at places its width reaches more than100 m. The average air temperature in summer varies between 27 and 30° C and the water temperature - 24 -26 ° C, which makes sunbathing possible from May until October.
Golden Sands is an ecologically clean resort, nominated for the prestigious Blue flag international prize.

This part of Golden Sands Natural Park was uninhabited up to the 50ies of last century. It was an impassable and dangerous forest, covered by trees, shrubs and liana species resembling tropical forest.
The first hotel was opened in 1957 and the resort is still rapidly developing.
The Golden Sands Natural Park is a protected area, with a great variety of trees, shrubs, meadow plants and lianas species.

Nowadays Golden Sands is a modern sea side resort with more than 100 hotels, bungalows, villas and lots of restaurants and pubs.
This exciting and full of life holiday place will enchant every fan of fun, adventure and night life. The resort offers a great number of sport facilities and opportunities for leisure and relaxation - swimming pools, tennis courts, bicycles and velorickshaws, horse-carriages and attractive carts, mini-golf playgrounds, casinos, night clubs and bars.
Guests are in easy reach of many popular attractions: the Aquapolis water park, the Yacht port, the Diving centre, Scuba diving school and the beach with great variety of water sports.

Spa & Wellness

The comparatively mild and pleasant sea climate, clean air, ultraviolet radiation, the wealth of thermal waters, the curative mud and the splendid sea make the resort ideal for relaxation and spa treatment.
The resort mineral waters are naturally thermal ( 28° C- 52° C ) and slightly mineralized:
hydrocarbonic-sodium-calcium-magnesium and hydrocarbonic-sodium in composition.
The mineral water and curative mud in Golden sands and Riviera area are suitable for systematic treatment of chronic diseases and disturbances of the locomotory system,
rheumatoid arthritis, arthroses, spondylarthrosis, slipped disc, periarthritis etc, disorders of the peripheral nervous system, stress, neuroses, chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthma, etc.