Seaside Resorts Saint Constantine

 St.Constantine Resort

The oldest Bulgarian summer resort on the Black Sea coast is situated 10 km north of Varna and 10 km south of Golden Sands resort.

This area was a popular recreational spot for the local people long before the Liberation. The nearby situated monastery “St.St. Constantine and Elena”, dating at the beginning of the 18th C gave its name to the picturesque vicinity, rich on curative hot springs.
Today, still in service is only the small St. St. Constantine and Elena church.

The foundation of the resort started in 1908 with the construction of the first holiday house, where first Czech, Polish and German guests were welcomed.

This charming place is a unique combination of fine old park with small sheltered bays, sandy beach strips with rocky coves and numerous hot mineral springs.
The resort is famous with its specific microclimate with a high concentration of the negative ions and stimulating relaxation - over 1500 per cubic centimeter.

More than 50 reconstructed and new hotels are sheltered amidst centuries-old trees and lavish green vegetation. A lot of private villas and holiday houses are situated in the green vicinity, offering comfortable and friendly accommodation.
There is a wide variety of cosy restaurants, taverns and bars. Together with lots of open-air and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling, water sports, playgrounds and other facilities for sport and entertainment, they offer a quiet, relaxing and most enjoyable holiday.

Spa & Wellness

St. Constantine resort is famous for its specific microclimate with a high concentration of the negative ions, stimulating relaxation - over 1500 per cubic centimeter.
The mineral waters with temperature of 42 C and curative mud have a beneficial effect for treatment and therapy of arthritis, shock, hypertonia, cardio-vascular and nervous troubles, skin, gynecological and urological diseases. Some
Modern Balneological centers, equipped with up-to-date facilities offer a variety of balneo treatment and wellness programmes.